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Attending a Performance: 5 ways to make it Unforgettable

Attending a Performance: 5 ways to make it Unforgettable

So, you are going to a big Broadway show, maybe even the biggest, the tickets were almost impossible to get, and the cost was more than your first house. Tickets to an event like this are not a purchase but an investment, you had better enjoy it, OR ELSE! Are you really prepared? Well here are 5 ways to make sure that that performance is not only enjoyable, but unforgettable. 

Be Physically Prepared
Perhaps the most important thing to remember is to make sure that all is taken care of before you go, now is not the time for hunger, worry, thirst, or fatigue. The performance should be the only thing on your mind, not “I hope this will get over so that we can get a bite to eat.” Or “Did we turn off the stove before we left?”
Make sure that you are rested, fed, watered, and that you have taken care of everything at home before you attend and do not forget your glasses.      

Know the Performance Background
Every theater show, opera, or symphony performance has at least some type of historical significance, find out, who wrote it, why they wrote it, where they wrote it, and even some of the historical circumstances that may have affected the ultimate outcome of your show, if possible find out about the personality of the person that wrote it, you may want to even find out who were some of the original actors, because their personalities may have affected the traits of characters in the opera or theater performance. This will all help you to come to a better understanding or even familiarity, it is wonderful to see the quirks of a character and know exactly why they are the way they are!

Know the Key Performers
Every actor or performer has his own background. You may want to know if their family been in theater for many generations. If they done work on television or in movies. You may even want to know which other plays or performance they been in that you are familiar with.  If you know who you are watching you will be surprised to see the many extras you will get from the performance.

Be Visually Prepared with Opera Glasses 
If you are anywhere behind the second row, you will probably want to get some type of opera glasses. Opera glasses are compact binoculars that give you enough magnification to improve your overall view and experience at the theater, you will be able to see expressions you never saw, details you would have missed, and will give you a much better view than before, also opera glasses give you a gentle enough magnification so that you can still see the entire stage from most of the seats in a theater house. So with opera glasses you get a front row view regardless of your seat. This is a must have!

Wear Proper Attire
Most opera and theater houses have some type of dress code even if it is not enforced. Make sure that before the performance you are aware of their standards of dress. Obeying their standard will make you feel more natural and comfortable, which will in turn help you to enjoy your trip to the theater or opera much more.

If you follow the tips included in this article you will have a relaxing, insightful, education experience at the opera or theater. Not to mention you will be able to impress all of your friends who go with you with all the history of the performance, and actor bios share with them, all while making your trip unquestionably unforgettable.

by Davin Perkins

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