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Opera Glasses- A Closer Look

Have you been at a concert or in a theater and wished you could see the stage better? You should consider getting a pair of opera glasses. They are more than just a beautiful and classic pieces of history. 

Modern opera glasses can help you see what is going on around you at any performance. This need has not changed since the 1800's when they became popular with people attending the Paris opera.

Opera was also an important social event. People attending the opera wanted to be able to see and be seen and often spent time scanning the audience as well. To do this, they needed a simple and convenient magnifying device. Opera glasses were the perfect solution.

Opera glasses rapidly became status symbols and ways for people to show off their wealth. If you had the money to attend the opera you wanted others to know it. And a great deal of business was conducted at intermission as well. A huge portion of the high society social calendar was taken up by opera season. 

Because of this, anything connected to the opera could become a status symbol. Opera glasses were no exception. A person attending the theater often had a pair made of expensive materials such as gold or enamel. The outsides of the glasses were often highly decorated. Cases to keep the glasses in were often highly decorated as well. Different variations came into being including lorgnette models that had an attached handle and folding models that were quite compact.

Modern opera glasses are much the same as they were in the beginning. They still come in several different models. Opera glasses are still popular as well. They are not hard to find but it may take a bit of looking on your part. You should start your search in stores which sell binoculars. is an excellent place to start your search and find the information you need. A camera store may also have some or they may be able to order them for you.

One thing to look at when selecting your opera glasses is what the level of magnification is. Unlike a telescope or high powered binoculars, you will want to make sure that there is a fairly low level of magnification. A 3x magnification factor is considered ideal. This allows you to get a large field of view and it will keep shaking from hand movement as low as possible. 

The actual style you choose is a matter of preference. Do you like the traditional look of the lorgnette? Are you interested in a style which folds down very small? You can also look at the accessories that are out there including straps and carrying pouches.

If you are someone who wants to view theatre performances but are not able to pay high prices for your tickets, then opera glasses might be a good solution for you. It will allow you to feel in touch with the past and still enjoy the fine details of modern performances from anywhere in the theater.

by Davin Perkins

About the Author

Davin Perkins has always loved the theater and opera, he currently helps run an opera glasses retail site where they sell opera glasses. Including Opera Glasses with handle, flashlight, chain and more!

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