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Reasons to Use Opera Glasses or Opera Bincoulars

You are sitting somewhere in the back half of a theater, straining your eyes and watching as intently as possible to the play before you, when out of nowhere you hear a burst of crowd laughter and clapping from the front half of the theater, you strain your eyes even more to see the stage to see what could possibly have caused this dramatic reaction? Alas it is too late. What have you missed? You may never know. 

How do we solve this dilemma? Well, the play is over. But we can keep this from happening ever again. If you purchase opera glasses or theater binoculars you will always have a front row view, and won't miss anything again! Read on and learn what to look for in a new pair of opera glasses/opera binoculars. 

Attention to detail 
Any Seat can become a front row view. Many times a viewer in the seats in the back of a theater may miss crucial hand gestures of the actors, facial expressions, or in some instances props that are used to bring home a point. Following the story of a performance can be difficult without knowing the details on the stage. 
Many models of opera glasses today are equipped with a small red light that with the push of a button can allow you to read the playbill without disturbing those around you, this combined with the details of those facial expressions, props, and gestures. But really if you spent twenty dollars or two hundred dollars, you deserve to catch every detail of a performance, from costumes, to expressions, to props, to jokes! 

What to Look for 
Opera glasses/opera binoculars are styled to be small and unobtrusive, as to fit easily and comfortably into a pocket or a purse, most come equipped with a soft cloth bag to prevent scratches and a small cleaning cloth to ensure the best view possible. Opera glasses/opera binoculars typically come with a magnification of 3x which is strong enough to give an excellent view but are designed with a wide lens so as not lose sight of the entire stage. 
Opera glasses/opera binoculars come in many varieties, from inexpensive folding opera glasses that allow easy concealment in pockets or evening purses, to traditionally styled onyx, mother of pearl, and ivory finishes, to more elegant opera glasses that have been custom had embedded Swarovski crystal designs, whether your budget is thirty dollars or three thousand dollars, there is a pair of opera glasses for you. 

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by Davin Perkins

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