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Review: Wicked the Musical with Opera Glasses

Brilliance is the only work to describe th musical, Wicked. Growing up I remember watching the classical rendition of The Wizard of Oz, which was originally made in 1939. I am sure, that all of you remember it as an integral part of your youth. Wicked, is the story behind the Wizard of Oz, and how the Wicked with of the West, got so wicked.

To begin, I advise you to bring a pair of opera glasses. You will find amazing costumes, and characters you won't believe, you will not want to miss one bit, and this is what opera glasses will do for you. Flowing silk materials make up the costumes, the musical numbers will amaze you. Opera glasses will give you all the detail you desire.

I love how you learn who the good witch, Glinda and the Wicked Witch of the West truly are. You learn how they acted growing up. You find out how Glinda, (the good witch) really was.

In the performance of Wicked you find the story going to many twists and turns. As the play begins we begin to see the childhoods' of both the Good Witch, and Wicked Witch. We see that Elphaba (the Wicked Witch) had a terrible upbringing, you find out that she was born with green skin, for which she was tormented constantly by those around her, you find that she was raised by her father, and had no mother to take care of her. Also you find that Glinda (the Good Witch) was born to a rich family, and as it turns out, was nothing more than a spoiled brat. At the end of the performance you attend, you are sure to be bombarded with opportunities to buy merchandise from the show, of all the things you are sure to be offered, I do recommend purchasing a CD of the music, as you will want to listen to it over and over again.

Wicked is one of the most popular musicals to come off Broadway in years, the story is unforgettable, and the music is sure to amaze. Wicked has won many awards for its music and theatrical performances. If after this review you still don't believe me that it is a remarkable play, simply find someone you know who has seen it, ask them how they felt about it, and you will see what I mean. Opera glasses for this performance are absolutely necessary, so buy them if needed.

Of the calendar year of 2009, wicked has been hailed as the top production of this year. Many, many records have been set by this wicked musical, and as this is written, Wicked is on its second national tour, remember to buy tickets fast, when Wicked played in our town, tickets went on sale in late December and were sold out within 3 days, despite the fact that the play was not till May! This is a performance that will be around for years to come, as such, do not fret it you are not able to get tickets this time around, there will be many opportunities to come, and as we always always recommend, don't forget the opera glasses.

Before you attend any performance make sure that you have a good pair of opera glasses. Here you can check out Opera Glasses with handle, flashlight, chain and more!


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