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The Phantom of the Opera: A Review with Opera Glasses

The Phantom of the Opera is a marvelous and poetic performance that will push you through every feeling possible, from terror, to glee, to the pits of depression and back. As you attend this musical masterpiece, remember your opera glasses, to make sure you catch every last detail

The story of the Phantom of the Opera begins in Paris sometime in the 1800's when two men take ownership of an old theater house believed to be haunted by a ghost. The ghost is said to be the spirit of a construction worker of the theater named Erik, who haunts the theater. The truth of the matter is that Erik is very much alive, although severely disfigured from birth. To cover his disfigured face, he wears the mask which has become the symbol of this wonderful performance.

As time goes on the Phantom come to one of the performers; Christine, and tells her that her father who has passed away, has sent him from heaven to give her voice lessons. The Phantom begins to train her through the walls of her dressing room, as these take place over the course of time Christine becomes a remarkable singer, and takes the leading role in the opera.

Christine, one night, faints during a performance. A daring man in the audience comes to her rescue. We come to find out that this daring man is Raoul, a childhood friend of Christine. We find also that Raoul has fallen in love with her. Raoul begins to attend Christine's performances regularly, showering her with gifts.

Jealousy of Christine and Raoul begins to consume Erik, for the Phantom has also fallen in love with Christine. Erik can no longer restrain himself from meeting in person with Christine. When he finally appears in her dressing room, he does so wearing the famed mask. He then takes Christine deep within the catacombs of the opera house to his secret home.

Christine finds out that The Phantom does not plan to release her. At this point she becomes very fearful and also very angry. Erik then makes a promise to her that she will be let go after staying for five more days. At this point he takes Christine on a tour of his underground home, which features many strange things. Be sure to be using your opera glasses at this point of the performance, for this part can truly not be forgotten.

Christine cannot wait to see just who Erik is and why the mask is on his face. She grabs his mask and quickly takes it off during a remarkable duet. Grab your theatre glasses so you may get a glimpse of Erik's face. The lights may be too dimmed but it is worth a try! More chills will be sent down your spine with the screaming from the horrible site revealed. This deception angers Erik who now thinks he will not let Christine leave his spooky home. Erik so wants Christine to love him and you can feel his passion. 

The story moves on from this pinnacle point, but you will have to attend this play to truly appreciate the masterpiece that it is. The music will amaze you, the storyline astound you in this epic performance. This is a show you will want to see several times, and as always remember to bring your opera glasses to experience it to its fullest.

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